Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Risk Game Download Full Version for PC Online

Risk Game Download Full Version
How to Get a Risk Game Download Full Version for PC
This review of the Risk PC game includes details of the full version Risk download game based on the classic strategy board game and how to get a full version Risk game download for PC. Defend your territories and attack to gain new ones, all at the roll of the die. You are the General in this computer version of the popular Risk board game. With cinematic music and vivid animations this edition has brought the Risk game to life. Challenge your friends or play against the computer opponents, choose from 16 historical characters to do battle with!


This is a full download version of the Risk board game and is licensed by Hasbro games. The rules and game play is exactly like the original but with excellent updated features:
  • There are 2 game modes: Territory Claim where you choose your starting territories, just like the board game and Random Deal which means you let the computer assign territories to each player.
  • This is a simple game to get started and play.
  • The stunning graphics and detailed board display includes a full-sized world map.
  • With excellent sound effects, background music and very fun voice-overs - makes this even more interesting than the original!
  • You can play this Risk game against the computer.
  • Or play with up to 5 friends on the same computer.
  • There are also auto roll and quick battle features for a quick game of Risk.
  • AND you have a choice of 16 unique computer controlled Generals with various skills levels (and unique personas) to play against - so you can choose an easy or more challenging computer opponent to play against.
Download Risk for PC Mac

Risk Full Version Download Features:
  • Unlimited Play
  • Straightforward Instructions and Graphics
  • Play Against the Computer or Friends and Family
  • Auto Roll and Quick Battle Features
  • All Animations, Well-presented World Map, Cinematic Background Music and Captivating Voice overs

Get Classic Risk Game for PC
Sorry this classic Risk game is no longer available to download online. BUT you can still get it on CD from Amazon:

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