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Risk II Game - Full Version Risk 2 Game Download for PC

Download Risk for PC and Mac
How to Get a Full Version Risk II Game Download for PC
This review of the Risk II game download includes details of how to play the Risk II game and where to get a full version Risk II game download for PC. When you play Risk on your computer you get to play Risk just like the classic board game but with some cool bonus game modes and options. If you are looking for a free full version Risk game download, checkout my previous post about the free trial/full version Risk I version game, which you can get in full for free BUT it doesn't have the extra game modes that the Risk 2 game download has.

How to Play Risk II Game Download

Board Games for PC - Risk

The Risk II game download for PC is an impressive update on the previous Risk I game with all the fun of the original Risk game plus more detail gameplay, more game modes, improved animations and more complex strategy gaming! Even setting up the board and allocating territories is quicker and simpler when you play Risk on your computer - a definite advantage over the board game version.

Classic Board Games - Risk Download

Risk I vs Risk II Game Download for PC
Risk II has better graphics and also 2 additional game modes to play: as well as the Classic Risk mode you also get Same Time Risk and Tournament Risk modes in the Risk II version.

Classic Risk Mode: Lets you play Risk as you would the classic board game. But with 16 AI generals to battle with - each of which have their own level of aggresion and rating including Wellington and Napoleon!

Same Time Risk Mode: This mode means all the players carry out their battle strategy simultaneously. A completely intense and unique way of playing Risk!

Tournament Risk Mode: Tournament mode allows you to combine the classic and same time modes into an increasingly challenging series of games. Each with their own objectives such as Mission Risk, Capital Risk, or Domination!

Risk II Full PC Version Features
  • Unlimited Risk games to play.
  • Stunning graphics, animated battle scenes.
  • Detailed tutorials to help you get the hang of the new game modes.
  • You choose the winning objectives for your games including Mission Risk, Capital Risk, or Domination
  • You choose to make alliances with other players, unlike the original game, just beware that you don't get double crossed!
  • An advanced map - with all new territories like Svalbard, the Falkland Islands, Hawaii and New Zealand!
  • You can switch to globe view so you can get a 3D view of your Risk game.
  • Multiplayer option allows you to play against friends over a local network.
  • Plus you can play Risk againt the computer or against friends on the same computer
  • Risk II also gives you the option to customize the rules and gameplay.
The Risk II Game Download for PC is an excellent combination of the old classic and new game modes giving it plenty of replayability and depth - a great choice for Risk game fans!

Get Risk II Game for PC & Mac
Sorry the Risk 2 version is no longer available as a download online. But you can still get it on DVD from Amazon:

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