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War Chess - Full Version 3D War Chess Download Game

3D War Chess
3D War Chess Full Download Game for PC
The 3D War Chess game is a mythical take on the classic chess board game. With 3D chess pieces based on fantasy characters, such as wizards, dwarves and goblins. Waging an epic battle of chess, these 3D characters transform the boring old school black and white chess board to life! Watch as the winged horse flies across the chequered board or the skeletal bishop spear the opposition. The War Chess edition of the chess game also takes you through different fantasy landscapes to fight your battle chess, from ancient temple ruins to dark mysterious forests.

3D War Chess Full Download - Game Details

The War Chess download game is a fully animated, impressive 3D rendering of the chess game. Where the medieval characters of knights, kings and queens must do battle with the mythical characters, including dwarves, goblins, wizards and other fantasical creatures.

This download game transforms the classic strategy game of chess into a battle between Light and Dark as you fight to take control of each land. And just like in Potter's wizards chess, watch how each piece vanquishes it's opponent, with their own unique attack move.

3D Chess War and Wizards

Lead your army to victory in a quest to regain the kingdom as you choose the battlefield ranging from temple ruins to forests and cemeteries.

Full Version 3D War Chess Game
  • Unlimited play fantasy themed War Chess
  • Impressive 3D graphics.
  • Play chess against the computer with 10 difficulty levels - the perfect challenging opponent.
  • Fully animated characters - Each piece has it's own attack and destroy method.
  • Engaging background music.
  • Choose from a variety of fantasy lands to wage war.
  • 4 gameplay modes.

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