Saturday, 20 March 2010

AirStrike 3D Free Full Version PC Download

Free Full Version AirStrike 3D Download for PC
Airstrike 3D is a helicopter arcade game developed by DivoGames. With quality graphics, sound effects and great gameplay.

You have a choice of helicopters to take into combat, plus gun and missile upgrades, health and life bonuses and enemies aplenty to battle against.

Combat other attack choppers, tanks, dug in anti-aircraft, planes and much more!


Play Unlimited AirStrike 3D on PC

Only you have the skill to fly the most advanced helicopters in the skies today in this fast-action chopper arcade game. You alone have the ability to guide their awesome firepower to its target. You alone are the hope of a nation.

It won't be easy - varying landscapes, the darkness of night, and mighty defenses lie ahead. But, prove your worth and you'll be rewarded with powerful new helicopters and crushing new weapons.

An intense, action-packed experience, AirStrike 3D will leave you either begging for mercy, or asking for more!

AirStrike 3D Free Full Version Game Includes:
  • Unlimited Play
  • 20 Large Levels, with 5 Different Landscapes
  • 10 Unique Helicopters to Fly
  • Scores of Weapons and Power-Ups
  • Night missions and Weather Patterns
  • Stunning 3D Graphics and Shocking Sound Effects

Download a Free Full Version of AirStrike 3D
Sorry this download is currently unavailable. But you can download AirStrike II from Amazon.

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