Saturday, 17 April 2010

Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret Download Game

Free Trial/Full Version Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret Download for PC
The Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret is another cool game from PopCap games. The Museum needs your help to find a missing fortune of gold from a Spanish ship sunk somewhere in the Caribbean!
The lost treasure is locally referred to as the Caribbean Secret. Your quest has you exploring Caribbean locations to find hidden objects and playing plenty of mini-games to recover the lost treasure in the Amazing Adventures – The Caribbean Secret, a great adventure and HOG game rolled into one!


Play Unlimited Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret on PC

Wander a paradise of sun and sand in Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret™, and find a fortune in gold with this incredible hidden object voyage!

Legend has it that a Spanish ship loaded with priceless riches went missing somewhere in the Caribbean and was never found. Locals refer to this lost treasure as the "Caribbean Secret" and now your museum employer has asked that you locate it. Follow the clues, uncover the pieces to the treasure map and find out if the legend is true!

Explore 25 stunning Caribbean locations searching over 2000 objects. Play eight fantastic mini-games including Match 3, spot-the-differences, place-the-differences, word search, jigsaw and many more. For extra fun, find 50 hidden Skulls and unlock two unlimited game playing modes!

Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret Full Version Game Includes:
  • The third fantastic adventure in an unforgettable hidden object series
  • Search the beautiful Caribbean for a legendary ship
  • Find pieces to a treasure map and discover a priceless fortune
  • Play eight additional mini-games including Match 3 and word search
  • Locate the hidden skulls and unlock two unlimited playing modes

Download Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret
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